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Five Ways AI could help Project Managers in the Construction Industry

As more and more industries are embracing the power of AI to perform mundane and repetitive tasks we thought we would touch on the many ways AI can help project management professionals in the construction industry.

Artificial intelligence key ability is to interpret millions of points information simultaneously without rest or the emotional burden that humans have. Unfortunately, this ability is very limited to performing very specific rules-based repetitive tasks, anything involving nuance tends to not perform well or even just fail.

Therefore, the role of the Project manager in construction will be safe for a very long time since AI cannot manage a project on its own, gather requirements or manage various stakeholders’ interest. But here are 5 ways it can make a project managers life easier.

1. Automate repetitive tasks to enable the manager to focus on problem solving

2. Use historical data to perform accurate predictions

3. Perform risk modelling and analysis based on changes to scope, resources and budgets

4. Increase the speed of decision making with process-based rules.

5. Optimize resource scheduling and allocation

Artificial intelligence based tools can save a manager from frustrating roadblocks and uncertainties but it also requires up to date information and consistent input therefore not quite eliminating the human requirement for management.

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